Lowdeck and Duolift Substructure

LOWDECK H4 Joists + DuoLift Modular Joist Cradles

In Australia Millboard is typically installed on treated pine joists. For low height applications or for those looking for a more robust solution we highly recommend LOWDECK H4 Joists which are rated for on-ground use. Used in combination with Millboard's DuoLift Cradles to allow drainage and height adjustablity, this offers the perfect solution for low-height applications, installing over concrete and waterproof membrances such as rooftops etc.

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Framing timbers on the ground or lower than 150 mm should be termite resistant and in-ground durability Class 1 or treated to H4 or better.

Source: Technical Design Guide - Forest & Wood Products Australia - Domestic Timber Deck Design

Treated to H4 with Koppers Micro® Timber Treatment Technology, Lowdeck is protected from fungal decay, termites and insect attack. Suitable for in ground use and supported by a treatment warranty of 50 years. Engineered GL8 structural grade (roughly F7 equivalent) and double sealed with a high-quality oil-based primer to provide further protection. LOWDECK is an affordable, easy to work with alternative to steel or aluminium and is a smart upgrade from regular H3 Treated pine joists.

Sizes 3.6m 4.2m 4.8m 5.4m 6.0m

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Treatment H4 MicroPro
Strength GL8 Engineered Certified
Finish Double Coat Primed
Color Dark Grey
Warranty 50 Years Limited Warranty on Koppers(TM) MicroPro Wood Treatment Technology against rot & insect attack.

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Duolift Range
DuoLift Cradle 15mm - 60mm
DuoLift Self Leveler 20mm
DuoLift Riser 45mm
DuoLift Foot 45mm
Accoustic Seperation Pad 3mm

DuoLift Modular Joist Cradles

Introducing DuoLift – Height Adjustable Modular Joist Cradles for Ultra Low Decks

The DuoLift joist pedestal system is designed to make installation significantly easier, providing substantial height flexibility within four stackable components. DuoLift removes the common problem of having to order varying height pedestals for a single area.

Height-adjustable from a low 15mm profile with huge adjustment range of 45mm.

Strong construction for improved spans and fewer cradles required.

For use with H3 or H4 Treated Pine Joists or Hardwood up to 68mm Wide and compatible with LOWDECK Joists or Millboard’s Aluminum DuoSpan Joists.

DuoLift offers a perfect solution for installations on concrete slabs, rooftops, balconies and over waterproof membranes.

The Duolift Joist Cradle can be used by itself for Ultra Low Height installs or optionally extended with the modular accessories to achieve self-leveling functionality and additional height ranges up to 350mm.

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